Terms Not To To Use Describing Ron Jeremy’s Recovery

Strangely, the press has chosen a few words to describe the continued recovery of adult star Ron Jeremy that seem like interesting word choices. The star’s own father, a man of 94, claims that his son is showing signs of “arousal” emerging from his unconscious state. And THE DAILY NEWS described the aneurysm as an “engorged blood vessel”. It was also reported that the star of about 2,000 adult films drove himself to the emergency hospital after suffering “stiffness” in his chest.

And some other terms such as “mattress masher” and “coitus king” also were used by THE DAILY NEWS.

Actually, the news media has had a lot of fun with the Ron Jeremy story in recent days. When it appeared that adult star was likely to make a full recovery at some point, the puns and jokes just started to flow like water in the press, while other segments of the press tried their best to ignore a story that was just ripe for more than a few good jokes and laughs, if written up by journalists in a humorous way.

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