Beyonce Will Pay About $3 Million To Perform At The Super Bowl

Fresh from her lip-syncing controversy at the inaugural ceremony, singer Beyonce will have to pay up to a reported $3 million dollars to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show today. It appears that the NFL only budgets just $600,000 to performers, and if they wish to exceed this amount to put on a grand show, then they need to pay the NFL out of their own pockets.

Beyonce isn’t too worried about coughing up this kind of dough. She just signed a $50 million dollar promotional deal with Pepsi cola, and the company is more than happy to see the singer only further give attention to their brand. Further, the singer’s stock will only increase in better cd sales and more higher priced tickets at her concerts. For the $3 million dollar investment, Beyonce should reap a better good return.

Hopefully, she really sings this time though….

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