Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch Dead at 88

Ed Koch was always a colorful and unique personality, a registered Democrat who had a lot of neoconservative leanings. The former mayor of New York City died early Friday, following illness problems that started in January. The cause of death was said to be congestive heart failure. Long known for his outspoken and acid tongued approach to politics, Ed Koch was never the shy one, always expressing his opinions on everything.

With his background in law, Ed Koch was once the judge on syndicated TV’s program, THE PEOPLE’s COURT from 1997-1999, after he once served three terms as mayor of New York City. Koch was also a former four term member of the U.S. House Of Representatives as well.

Koch was well known to endorse many Republicans for political office in New York elections. But, being a lifelong bachelor, who a number of writers suggested as possibly being Gay. In the 1977 campaign for mayor of NYC, Koch’s sexuality started to become a political issue, but Koch did his best not to directly answer these allegations. Koch was also a minor cameo star in over 60 films and TV shows as well.

Much like his friend and ally, Bella Abzug, Ed Koch was always one of New York’s most outrageous, yet durable politicians. Koch might have been Jewish, but he was always quick to defend the Roman Catholic Church and anything else that he trusted as being a force for overall good, regardless if he had absolute agreement with. His independence like this made him respectable to many, but yet controversial to many others.

If anything, much like actor Al Lewis, Ed Koch was always a true New York character, and always sort of lovable for that reason alone. He was a great personality.

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