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Na Na Na, Hey Hey, Kiss This Pope Goodbye!

The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI became official today, and his helicopter ride out of the Vatican was surprisingly similar to the disgraceful exit of President Nixon following his 1974 resignation. This marks the end of a troubled rule as Pope for German-born Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, who might have claimed that old age related health […]

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GIRLS GONE WILD Files For Chapter 11

Who could have ever expected that any business based off showing off great sets of boobs would have money troubles? You’d think that those milkers would be pure gold in the bank, but no I say. GIRLS GONE WILD is now filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as it seeks to financially reorganize to pay […]

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COMPANY OF HEROES Film Released Early

The direct to DVD film based on the very popular COMPANY OF HEROES game series had an unexpectedly early release this past Tuesday. It was expected that March 19 was going to be the formal release date for this surprising good WWII film that well celebrates the game of the same name. Although working within […]

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Dennis Rodman’s North Korean Diplomacy

Dennis Rodman may not be the person that you’d be most likely to call to soothe tense international relations between North Korea and the United States, but the colorful former NBA star is having a huge measure of success winning over the heart of the new leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. The two […]

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Yamaha Virago 250 Choppers

The Yamaha Virago was one of the more popular entry level motorcycles, and so well loved that a few fans of small displacement V-twin engine even built custom choppers based off this engine or frame. With a great reputation for quality, the small V-twin engine design was even sold to a Chinese motorcycle brand, Lifan, […]

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Miss Teen Delaware USA Porn Scandal

Melissa King, a beautiful 18 year old contestant in the Miss Delaware Teen USA beauty pageant has resigned her crown after a sex tape has emerged Online in which a young woman who looks much like the beauty pageant winner talks about competing in beauty contests and then has sex with a man on camera. […]


Teacher Gets Pregnant Teaching “Emotionally Disturbed” Teens

Everyone remembers that one special teacher. And one special teacher who taught high schoolers with special needs will remember one special student. He got her pregnant. Kelly Watson, 34, was sentenced to three years probation as well as a lifetime of being a parent after she found herself pregnant as a result of her inappropriate […]

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Holy Crap! Pat Robertson Urges Prayer Over Goodwill Sweaters!

Leave it up to aging Baptist Evangelist Pat Robertson to always try to sound like a reasonable and sensible religious leader even if he’s promoting some religious viewpoint that seems better suited to THE TWILIGHT ZONE than to anything else. In response to a letter from a follower of Robertson who wondered if demons could […]

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Dr. C. Everett Koop Dead At 96

Former Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop has died. He was one of the beloved public figures to emerge from the Reagan Administration during the 1980’s, admired both for independent views as well as the force at which he spoke on health issues. A deeply religious man who became a Presbyterian Evangelical Christian, Dr. Koop […]

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The Martin Scorsese Mob Movie That Never was

Back in February 2010, famous pop singer Tommy James published an explosive book about his years at Roulette Records, which turned out to be a front business for some figures in organized crime. ME, THE MOB AND THE MUSIC was a gripping autobiography by James, about how innocent musicians like himself might have been defrauded […]

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Tabloid Claims George W. Bush Suffering From Alzheimer’s Disease

THE GLOBE is notorious for publishing dead wrong information, so don’t take anything they print as the Gospel truth. This latest issue of THE GLOBE is probably another good example. One story claims that friends of former President George W. Bush claim to fear that he’s suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, and that he’s become so […]

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Producers Of ARGO & LINCOLN Spent $10 Million To Lobby Oscar Voters

Producers of LINCOLN and ARGO both spent an estimated $10 million dollars each to lobby Oscar voters in hopes of manufacturing a win at tonight’s events, set to start in a few minutes. Steven Spielberg even sent out personal thank you letters in an attempt to shore up voters for LINCOLN for example. Will these […]

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Oscar Pistorius Granted Bail

After a painfully long-winded 1 hour and 45 minute long explanation of the history of the South African bail system along with explanations of the critical evidence in the murder case involving “Blade Runner” Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius, Chief Magistrate Desmond Nair finally made his decision to grant bail to Pistorius. The judge’s explanation was […]

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Ethan Hawke Joins A Chorus Of Oscar Critics

Actor Ethan Hawke is joining a rising tide of celebrity critics of the Oscars, that also includes fellow actors Anthony Hopkins and Joaquin Phoenix. Hawke condemned the awards event for honoring “stupid movies” and only “mediocre performers”. The likelihood that some only moderately critically approved film like LES MISERABLES may win much of the top […]

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John Wayne’s Stolen Rifle Recovered

A movie memorabilia Winchester rifle used by John Wayne in THE MAN THAT SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE and a shotgun rifle used by William Holden in THE WILD BUNCH were recovered after a Summertime theft from Movie Madness. Movie Madness is a Portland, Oregon area video store and movie memorabilia museum. The guns were stolen after […]

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