Tesla Electric Car Wins MOTOR TREND Car Of The Year Award

This is an all time first, but an electric car, the Tesla Model S has just won the highly coveted MOTOR TREND Magazine Car Of The Year Award. The $57,400 automobile is the first all-electric car to ever win this award, beating out all the other gasoline-powered entries this year.

Unlike previous electric cars, such as the simply awful Zap Zebra electric, the Tesla Model S is truly a decent automobile that has the advantages of a decent range, decent performance and a fast quick charge feature. By comparison previous electric cars such as the Zap Zebra are hardly much better than some electric golf kart, if even that good. The Zap Zebra had a lowly 6.7 horsepower, while the Tesla has horsepower ranges up to 416 horsepower and a 240 volt quick charge feature that provides 50% power in just 30 minutes. With a top speed of 125 miles per hour, the powerful and torquey Tesla is a true performer. Some models can go 300 miles on a charge compared to junk like the Chinese built Zap which had a real driving range more like 8-20 miles in many real world cases before hours and hours of recharging needed to take place.

David Letterman owns one of the Tesla sports car models. The Tesla electric automobiles are simply the best electric cars ever built. The car actually is economical to drive compared to some electric cars like the Zap which actually cost almost $4.20 a mile to drive compared to normal gasoline cars such as a Ford Focus costing just 42cents a mile to drive to drive. Some cars like the Zap only save as little as 28 gallons of gas from being used before their useful life is over. The Tesla is a much better car by all standards, last much longer, and is actually low priced to drive. The car’s worst equivalent gas mileage is equal to 88 miles a gallon. That’s very good.

Even though electric cars have existed since the early 1900’s, the Tesla is far and away the most practical and mechanically sound electric car ever built.

It’s not really hard to see how Motor Trend was so impressed with this car. A car with extremely high quality construction, excellent durability, and virtually no drawbacks. If anything, the $57,400 cars are some of the very best on the road.

You can read much more about the Tesla Model S in the upcoming Car Of The Year issue of MOTOR TREND.

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  • ljcarolyne

    My son has one. Tesla is the coolest car and great price IMO compared to what you get nowadays. You go son!