Ron Jeremy In Critical Condition

Ron Jeremy, the funny, but controversial star of more than 2,000 adult movies is in critical condition after experiencing chest pain. The actor drove himself to the hospital in Los Angeles, and was quickly diagnosed with an aneurysm near his heart. The actor is very popular because of his humorous and engaging personality, and has many fans beyond his work in porn. Knicknamed “the hedgehog” because of his furry appearance and less than good looks, the actor has been a popular actor for many years in adult entertainment and has done many funny cameos in many nonadult films as well.

The 59 year old actor is the most beloved of anyone working in the adult entertainment industry and has tons of friends in the mainstream entertainment industry as well many fans in professional sports such as basketball.

As soon as Ron Jeremy is well enough, you know that he’ll be joking with his doctors. Get well Ron! you’re a great guy and we love you!

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  • Commander_Chico

    He has lived a fulfilling life.

    • Apparently, Ron Jeremy is unconscious and on a respirator at this point. Maybe doctors should have a porn star mount him, and see if he’ll respond to this stimulation to see if he’s okay or not.