Iran Launches Monkey Into Space

Iran’s state controlled TV media has claimed that the nation has successfully launched a monkey into space and claimed that the monkey was returned safely to Earth. A previous 2010 flight into space contained a crew of a mouse, earthworm and a turtle. All of this means that Iran has now entered what appears to be 1950’s technology advances into space travel once pioneered by the former Soviet Union and also the United States. But, the apparently successful short trip into space, or 72 miles above the Earth, also sends a chilling message to many nations in the world concerned about Iran’s future nuclear intentions.

The short space launch does also provide the embattled regime of President Ahmadinejad an important propaganda victory. But, Iran plans to launch it’s own astronauts into space in future years, hoping to catch up with China, another relatively new addition to the nations that have had successful space launches.

Strangely, that monkey has a very familiar look….

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