Casey Anthony Can’t Even Afford A Pair Of Pants!

Casey Anthony, who was acquitted after a controversial trial involving the disappearance of her murdered young daughter, now is filing for bankruptcy in the state of Florida, claiming to only have $1100 in assets versus a pile of bills equal to $792,000, much of it for legal services rendered to her. In fact, it is her legal bills which have pushed Anthony over the financial brink.

Anthony owes her criminal defense lawyer Jose Baez a whooping $500,000. She also owes another $145,660 to the Orange County Sheriff Office, after she ordered to pay investigation costs related to the case after she misled the police by giving false statements. Anthony also owes the IRS $68,540 in back taxes, interest and penalties as well as another $61,505 to the Florida courts. That’s an awful lot of money.

In fact, this amount of money is so great, that it appears that Casey Anthony can’t even afford a pair of pants in this photo.

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