Several CBS Shows On Cancellation Bubble

Several big CBS shows are on the possible cancellation bubble according to inside information. CSI: NY only narrowly avoided cancellation last year, but looks nearly certain to canceled at the end of this season after the May sweeps. It’s another sign that the once mighty CSI franchise is beginning to fade away into the sunset much like what happened to the once powerful LAW & ORDER franchise over at NBC.

And, despite CBS advertising VEGAS as a “New Hit” over at the network, some insiders see this show as likely to be cancelled at the end of this season as CSI:NY is. CBS is giving this show every chance to build an audience, but that also doesn’t mean that they won’t pull the plug on the show if they see some better pilot out there to purchase. CBS could also give this show one more season, and choose one of two older shows to cancel as well, much like the second chance effort they gave to THE GOOD WIFE.

But, THE GOOD WIFE and THE MENTALIST are two more big CBS shows that are also possibly on the cancellation bubble as well. The ratings aren’t terrible on either show, but it’s highly unlikely that CBS would only cancel just one show, CSI:NY, and will likely choose another show or two just to freshen up the network schedule with something new.

If you’re a fan of any of these shows on the cancellation bubble, then it’s time to write CBS and let them know how much you love your show before it’s too late.

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