Woman Gets Arrested At Police Station For Prostitution

Police up in Salem, Oregon, must have plenty of time on their hands. An undercover detective had spent at least a couple of days communicating with a 20 year old woman from Portland, Oregon by Internet, text and phone attempting to lure her down to Salem for prostitution purposes. When the woman made the 50 mile drive down to Salem and walked through an unmarked door at the Salem Police Station, she was promptly arrested on charges of prostitution and promoting prostitution. Apparently, Salem must have a shortage of prostitutes working their city, so police there need to look to import prostitutes from other parts of the state.

One look at the suspect that was arrested, Christal D. Smith, 20, and you can say that looks like a real hard 20! She looks nothing like most of the 20 year old girls you see in men’s magazines these days. You can probably blame some hard living for that look. No doubt the young woman involved here needs some help with some issues in her life, but an arrest on her record probably doesn’t help her post a resume to get an honest job somewhere. If this woman needs some help in her life, then this is not the way to get her help, it would seem.

Not too many women would walk right through the door of a police station to get themselves arrested for something. Not too smart. But, then again just about everything about this story is pretty dumb here.

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