Holy Christ! A Motorcycle Crash Poll!

A survey posted online asked motorcycle riders at random how many crashes they had in the last three years. Thankfully, 70.53% or all motorcycle riders who answered the poll reported no crashes in the last three years. But, far less good was 13.68% who reported one crash in the last three years. 6.84% reported two crashes. 2.63% reported three crashes. None reported four crashes for some odd reason. 1.05% reported five crashes. And 0.53%, reported six crashes of all things.

And now, get ready for this, totally wanker, 4.74% have reported more than 10 crashes. WTF? Are these guys still walking around under their own power? It might be time to invest in a Rascal scooter or something?

Dare I to say that some guys maybe shouldn’t be riding a bike?

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