“Gun Appreciation Day” Celebrated With Gun Show Accidents

Saturday’s “Gun Appreciation Day” was unfortunately celebrated with three separate firearms accidents at gun shows across the country. A total of five persons were wounded at gun shows in North Carolina, Indiana and Ohio. Fortunately no one died. For some reason, these self-proclaimed “gun experts” somehow forgot about basic gun safety and brought loaded weapons to these gun shows which accidentally discharged and wounded persons attending these events.

In the Ohio accident for example, a gun dealer removed the clip from a gun, but failed to check out the chamber, and pulled the trigger for some reason, accidentally wounded his friend. Basic gun safety seemed to ignored in every accidental injury incident.

A conservative consulting firm from Washington D.C., Political Media, helped to organize these events nationwide. It was intended to show the political strength of gun rights supporters, but the accidental shootings brought the events both bad publicity as well as jokes.

Political Media styled this nationwide demonstration in support of gun rights after the antiGay rights, “Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day” after the founder of this restaurant chain associated his business with opposition to Gay marriage.

Those that strongly support the 2nd Amendment need to do a little work on their PR. Maybe, Political Media isn’t the very best company to manage the public image of guns. It might also help for gun rights supporters to keep Ted Nugent far away from public sight as well. The guy is a one man wrecking crew giving gun rights very bad PR.

It’s back to the drawing board for efforts to represent gun rights without incidents causing injury to the so-called experts at handling firearms.

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