Buxom Woman Smothers Lover With Her Breasts

What a way to die! A buxom woman from Everett, Washington has been charged with using her large breasts to smother her boyfriend to death. Donna Lange 51, has been charged in the death of her boyfriend after she was heavily intoxicated and threw herself down on her boyfriend, who was also 51. He never got up. Part of the reason that she was charged was because Lange had some facial injuries, strongly suggesting some sort of violent episode took place.

Of course, this entire incident took place in a trailer. Lange was charged with second degree manslaughter. You had to know that something involving “second” would be involved here since breasts generally come in pairs of two.

Some poor guys have to go heavily in debt to buy their babes bigger breasts to have more fun with, while other guys have babes with breasts so big that they only die under their enormous weight. Life just isn’t fair. Regardless, I think that a few guys just might have decided how they would prefer to die one day when their time comes around.

Well, thanks for the mammaries!

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