Oprah’s Lance Armstrong Interview Should Be Ratings Gold

Oprah Winfrey’s two part interview with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong starts tonight at 9pm on the talk star’s OWN Network, and should be ratings gold. The once ratings challenged network has proved consistent growth in recent quarterly reports, and with all of the publicity surrounding this controversial interview, expect big ratings here. For his part, it’s unclear exactly what Lance Armstrong has to gain here. His “coming clean” probably isn’t likely to reinstate his standing as a professional cyclist any time real soon. And some of his backers, such as the USPS, want Armstrong to pay a significant refund to them for their past sponsorship of the cyclist.

Lance Armstrong has gone past the statue of limitations to be charged with crimes such as perjury, but he faces returns of various awards or refunds of some sponsorships.

Check out your local cable listings to view tonight’s blockbuster event on the OWN Network.

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