Conrad Bain From DIFF’RENT STROKES Dead

Conrad Bain, the actor who played the wealthy White man who adopted two African American boys on the hit NBC comedy, DIFF’RENT STROKES has died at the age of 89.As an actor, Bain carried a sense of warmth and compassion, and he personally found it very tragic the problems that hit his young co-stars from the show including the tragic deaths of Dana Plato and Gary Coleman , leaving just actor Todd Bridges as the main surviving cast member.

Conrad Bain was born in Canada, but became a stage actor in the United States with an easy and smooth style that seemed a perfect match playing the character of millionaire Phillip Drummond.

Norman Lear first discovered Bain and cast him in MAUDE as a conservative neighbor, but his easy style was viewed as perfect for the lead role in DIFF’RENT STROKES. His kindly and distinctive voice will certainly be missed.

This is only the latest tragedy to hit this once very popular hit TV sitcom.

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