“New” Jimi Hendrix Album To Drop March 5

A “new” and I do mean, quote, new, unquote, Jimi Hendrix album is set to drop on March 5. While the news is no doubt welcome news for Jimi Hendrix fans, the album is not really quite as “new” and unreleased as many fans would really like. A collection of posthumous releases and bootlegs have released much of the material before that was privately recorded by Jimi Hendrix during a period of apart from his partnership with British musicians, Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. The album features mostly the Band Of Gypsies line-up of Billy Cox on bass, Buddy Miles on Drums, although Mitch Mitchell plays drums on some tracks. The album reflected the constant experimentation of Jimi Hendrix in an era where SGT. PEPPER and other experimental albums were the gem in the eye of many music critics, and Jimi Hendrix looked to be at the forefront of musical experiments. ELECTRIC LADYLAND was a prime example.

Music from the album has actually been heard on a few other posthumous albums, however the remixing and sound quality might well be the best ever here for some songs such as “Villanova Junction Blues”, “Izabella”, “Hear My Train A Comin'” or “Crash Landing”, which will be presented in full length versions here rather than some more edited released versions.

True Jimi Hendrix fans might have wished for more than this. But, still, this should be a great new release for Jimi Hendrix fans like me to embrace and savor, or at least until the next posthumous Jimi Hendrix release comes along….

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