CRIMINAL MINDS Star Thomas Gibson Arrested For Suspected DUI

Ah, Magoo, you done it again! CRIMINAL MINDS star, Thomas Gibson was arrested after a driving job that would have left Mr. Magoo down right proud! Gibson was told by police officers to use another street route, but then drove his Audi SUV on to part of a closed half marathon route in downtown Los Angeles after 1am this morning. With some runners still on the course from the running event which started at 9pm, Gibson was confronted by police officers for the second time this morning, and when one suspected possible alcohol use by Gibson, he was arrested after he refused a breath test.

Apparently, the LA Police had reason to hold the actor for a time, with his bail set at $15,000.

The actor had no comment about any of this. But, Mr. Magoo can call now call this guy “son”, thanks to his expert driving which only got him arrested here.

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  • Par4Course

    I’m a big Criminal Minds fan but am concerned about Mr. Gibson, who was involved in a DUI arrest under curiously similar circumstances in NYC in 2006. I seriously hope he doesn’t have an alcohol problem that will affect his career or life.

    • I agree for sure, Par. CRIMINAL MINDS is excellent TV, but the private demons of the actor could undermine him if he isn’t a bit more careful here. My only complaint about CRIMINAL MINDS is that the show really needs more than an hour. It develops a great story, but then often goes for a hasty finish as if it has suddenly run out of time way too quickly.