Celebrity Skin: Crystal Harris

26 year old former PLAYBOY Playmate Of The Year 2009, Crystal Harris, has made news once again now that she finally wed 86 year old PLAYBOY publishing tycoon, Hugh Hefner. If you were a bug on the wall on their bedroom wall, this what you would expect to see from Crystal Harris on their Honeymoon. She certainly brings the goods to the table here. Not bad at all! Any 86 year old guy should be able to get a nice rise from this, Viagra, or not!

BTW, this reminds me of a joke. Some older gentleman likes to frequent a lingerie business, but one of his favorite girls keeps callimg him, “Son”. Growing frustrated with this, the man implores, “Young lady, why do you keep caling me, “son”?”. The Young lady replies, “Well, I brought you up, didn’t I?”.

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