Spiderman Dead?

In issue #700 of THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN, Marvel is trying something bizarre that fans of the comic may take more than a little getting used to….they’re killing off Peter Parker, the geeky teenager who became the great superhero. Not to spoil everything for you here, but young Peter Parker finally loses his life and battle with Dr. Octopus. Say what?

Bizarrely, Dr. Octopus then realizes how Spiderman was actually a positive force for good in the world, and then decides to transfer his mind into Peter Parker’s lifeless body, and renew Spiderman back to life, only to continue again. Confusing and absurd? Certainly.

Has Spiderman finally jumped the shark here? Maybe?

Interestingly, while this is the #700 Spiderman comic, you can also expect to see just about this many movie sequels as well over the years.

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