A 26 year old man in China is now recovering from a restaurant bowl of soup made from such hot spices that it actually burned a hole through his stomach and he began throwing up blood soon after consuming it. That’ one hot bowl of soup!

The soup, called Mala, is made largely from Chinese spices such as Sichuan Pepper, chili pepper as well as a number of locally grown hot spices. Don’t look for Campbell’s to offer this soup anytime soon, they don’t need the personal liability issues.

If you think this soup is bad, then you don’t know about one remote tribe in the world that actually makes a soup out of their dead family members and the immediate family consume this soup as part of the funeral ceremony. Don’t look for Lipton’s Instant Soup: Grandfather Flavor, very soon either.

For some reason, I don’t think Progresso, Amy’s, and a few other fine soupmakers are very impressed with any of this. Expect them just to stick to lentils, onions, tomatoes, and other mundane ingredients for the time being.