It’s not enough that Idaho Senator Mike Crapo was arrested on suspicion of DUI by Alexandria, Virginia police on Sunday. But, the Mormon senator has made public statements claiming that he abstains from alcohol use because of his faith, which forbids the use of alcohol as well as caffeine products such as colas or coffee. Crapo’s other senate colleagues were put off by the senator’s arrest, which proved a 0.11 blood alcohol level when the legal limit in Virginia is 0.8% blood alcohol, because it appears that the senator has been lying all along about his adherence to his faith and nonuser of alcohol.

Crapo has been a Mormon bishop since the age of 31, and this religious hypocrisy no doubt is unsettling to his voters back home in Idaho, where about 25% of the population is Mormon in this conservative Western state bordered by the more liberal states of Oregon and Washington on the Western Coast.

Two of Idaho’s U.S. Representatives are Mormon as well, Paul Labrador and Mike Simpson. However, Mike Simpson is open about not following his Mormon faith so closely and admits to both smoking as well as alcohol use.

Senator Mike Crapo now finds himself among the rogue’s gallery of the biggest political hypocrites back in Washington right now.

In the recent past, Crapo unsuccessfully supported legislation to cut taxes for alcohol brewers, claiming that support was only because of his “pro-business” philosophy, although he still claimed to oppose alcohol use on religious grounds.

Many voters will now only see that Mike Crapo has only delivered a line of crap to them about his holier than thou persona. When he stands for re-election this all may come and bite him now. Holy Crap!