Each and every year I offer up my much worst than badly photo-shopped “Santa And His Sled” to amaze and delight those of all ages. I can’t say whether this is my best or worst yet offering. But, it’s time to get the kids and the grandparents and sit around the warm fireplace with the Christmas tree all lit up nicely with plenty of ornaments and enjoy a nice cup of egg nog or something, and enjoy this year’s “Santa And His Sled 2012”.

Totally absurd and outrageous, I hope you get a laugh from this year’s entry.

BTW, just let me know if you think it’s better or worse than the one’s from the past. But, just like Tony Bennett signing those familiar tired old Christmas carols, this “Santa And His Sled” feature will likely appear for years to come and become one of your holiday traditions. Just like Paul Shaffer singing his version of Cher doing “O Holy Night”, make this one of your more absurd lowlight traditions of Christmas from now on.

Merry Christmas to all, including Tiny Tim….