U.S. Immigration And Customs agents were tipped off by Danish police about a dastardly sex crime committed by a “Jane Doe” who they believe lives in the United States who helped to produce and star in a sex film with a child thought to be as young as four or five. Unbelievable how any person could commit such depraved sex acts with a young child like this, and even further, allow herself to be filmed in the commission of these sex crimes, and then to attempt to distribute copies of this crime as “entertainment” through some underground network.

So far, no computer base has been able to identify the woman as a known sex offender, but she now finds herself a wanted fugitive from justice after being charged for crimes involving sex crimes with a very young child.

ICE agents and Danish police suspect that the woman involved in these sex crimes is aged about 23-29. It is not known whether the child involved is her own child or not, but so far nothing on any computer database has turned up the child as a part of a missing person case, such as an abduction.

Unbelievable that this woman is not afraid to show her face despite committing horrible crimes. Most sex offenders operate in the shadows and in secret like a Jerry Sandusky did for years. This woman just doesn’t care, and is upfront and open about her criminal interests here. That’s just plain evil.

At best, she only deserves just a lump of coal for Christmas, at worst she deserves much worst than this. Predators like this need to be taken off the streets. A one way trip to the Greybar Hotel is in her future.

Update: A Pensasola woman identified as Corine Danielle Motley, 25, was arrested after this nationwide search late last night after authorities appealed for help to solve this case. Apparently according to the law enforcement report, the child victim is also safe as well. No word on whether this was the woman’s child or some other victim on this breaking crime story that was helped by the public to solve.