Denver Nuggets Cheerful Givers To Salvation Army Kettles

The Denver Nuggets might have had a loss of 101 to 93 to the Portland Trailblazers in their away game loss in the “Rose City” of Portland, but you can’t fault these guys for not being cheerful givers to Salvation Army workers outside of a Macy’s Department store in downtown Portland near where their tour bus and hotel rooms were. These guys opened up their wallets and hearts and each put money into the kettles to help fund emergency services run by the well respected Christian charity.

Fans at the Portland game may have cheered for their home team, but the Denver Nuggets also deserve a lot of special cheer here as well for being very nice men, giving to Portland’s poor and being friendly to the Salvation Army workers.

You can’t fault these guys for being as nice as possible and true gentlemen.

NBA Commissioner David Stern should be proud that most of the men in his organization, with only a few exceptions, are very good and charitable, and a real source of pride for this sports league.

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