Nature or nurture? Like father, like son? Only days after an 11 year old and a 7 year old attempted to car jack a woman who parked her car in a church parking lot in Portland, Oregon, with a loaded handgun, and the police declined to arrest the children because Oregon law doesn’t allow police to arrest persons under 12, the father of the 11 year has been arrested on a federal weapons charge. The father is a convicted felon who was disallowed to own a gun by law, and now faces up to 10 years in prison for being a felon illegally in possession of a gun.

Hey parents! Please take note here! You let babies, young children or mentally ill people get hold of guns you own, and you only invite trouble. If you desire to own weapons, you got to lock them down real good, or there’s hell to pay. Enough said here!

Joseph Charlton, 34, has served three in prison before, and has been convicted of multiple assaults, and is now a strong contender for “father of the year” after his loaded handgun was used by his 11 year old son and another 7 year old child in the attempted car jacking. The 11 year old also threatened a neighbor with a knife recently and vandalized a local dentist’s office as well. But, it was the murder threat with loaded gun during the car jacking attempt by the 11 year old in the church parking lot that led to a major local story about this dysfunctional family, where Oregon law restricted what local police could do here, that led to the federal charges against the father.

The best that local police were able to do previously in this case was to arrest the father on a charge of leaving a weapon where a child was able to access it. Now, that federal charges carries some real weight.

No word on what happens to the boy here. But, any foster parent will be in for a real fun time here. Sort of makes Dennis The Menace look like an altar boy.