Holy crap! Some vehicles from China, Japan and a few other places including even Germany sure look a lot like VWs, but aren’t. And even the familiar classic VW bug was little more than a cheap German knock-off meant to satisfy Hitler stolen from a Jewish engineer’s 1933 design as well the Czechoslovakian Tatra T97, and was hardly any original design to even begin with. So here’s a great photo tribute to the cars that VW ripped off, and to the other cars that in turn ripped off VW as well.

Whether it’s the classic Morris Minor, the little Subaru 360, the Chinese Tango Limo, the Japanese Gung Ho, the German built Goliath bus or other designs, there are many cars that sure look a lot like a VW, but aren’t.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery….