Ke$ha’s new hit single, “Die Young” was #3 on the national pop playlists until a strong public reaction in the face of the school shooting tragedy caused the hit song to suddenly tumble from it’s top three status. Now, most radio station’s across the country have decided to pull the song from their playlists entirely, where the song is now certain to fall from the charts and disappear.

It’s an example of bad timing killing a product.

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez can tell you something about that as well. He had the misfortune of releasing the violent GRINDHOUSE:DOUBLE FEATURE on Easter weekend of all things back in 2007, which openned very weak at the box office and crashed so badly that the film was split into two parts for each director for the later dvd release, which didn’t do spectacular either. Despite being two great movies worthy of both directors, audiences just weren’t in the mood to watch very violent films on Easter weekend.

Another example of a bad timed product was THE WATCH, a comedy about four bungling neighborhood watchmen defending their neighborhood from an alien invasion, However, the George Zimmerman scandal where a neighborhood watchman shot and killed a teenager walking home from a 7-11 store after buying a Snickers candy bar and an Arizona Tea ruined many people’s taste for any movie about bungling neighborhood watchmen.

The recent spat of three major shooting incidents has only hurt mall shopping sales somewhat much like the shooting at the Aurora movie theatre in Colorado sunk all box office sales for movies for the next week or two, while many stayed home from movies and watched cable TV or maybe rented a dvd instead.

Unfortunately, now the artist Ke$ha knows something about bad timing of entertainment as well.