There was a presidential election today. Did you miss it? Well, in each state capitol the electors officially re-elected President Barack Obama by an expected margin of 332 to 206 electoral votes over challenger Mitt Romney, identical to the November 6 election results. However, in two states, the popular vote count is not yet official. New York and Nebraska still have at least one county in each state where the results have yet to be certified. West Virginia just narrowly met Monday’s deadline, where Madison County finally cleared up any votes not counted by today’s high noon deadline. Strangely, while Mitt Romney won that county by a landslide, state office Democrats tended to sweep most offices in that county, including former Governor turned U.S. Senator Joe Manchin.

The still unofficial vote count so far gives President Obama 65,600,425 votes, or 50.96% of the 128,737,953 votes counted so far. Challenger Mitt Romney got 60,861,683 votes counted so far, or 47.28% of the votes. Minor party candidates and write-in candidates scattered the rest of the vote.

Leading up to the election some ads on behalf of Gov. Mitt Romney suggested that many voters who voted for Obama in 2008 were switching their votes to Mitt Romney this year, however the candidate only scored 913,360 more votes than the 59,948,323 votes that John McCain won in 2008, strongly suggesting that the Republican candidate really failed to strengthen his base of support very much from the weak showing of John McCain in 2008.

Obama managed to win by capturing most of the 69,498,516 votes that he won in 2008. Hurricane Sandy, voter disappointment in the economy, or disappointment over Obama’s record in office, held his vote total lower than 2008. Yet, although capturing 3,898,091 less votes than 2008, Obama still bested Romney by 4,738,742 votes, a margin slightly larger than most pre-election polls would had indicated.

Now, the only drama remaining is the final vote count and the vote of the electors being made official.