Leave it up to those masterminds at Google to decide to change their search filter settings to the more strict moderate settings as the default with less freedom to search the worldwide web at will without serious content censorship. Gee thanks, Google! Now, it’s a lot harder for Wizbang Pop to find controversial photos of the latest celebrity scandals to share with their thousands of readers. Google has always been far and away the best of search engines, and the best “go to” for Wizbang Pop writers to search out information and photos of all the latest celebrity scandal news to share here.

Gee Google, what’s Wizbang Pop going to do the next time there’s another royal family nude scandal or some celebrity decides to offer up an ill-advised Tweet? Wizbang Pop readers prove on a daily basis that they love the juicy stuff, the stuff that ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT won’t go with. The really sexy and outrageously funny stuff. The stuff with edge!

So let’s hear it Wizbang Pop readers, is this what you want? Google playing mommy and daddy and deciding what you should be allowed to see? Google making Wizbang Pop’s job harder to report you the good stuff that you come to Wizbang Pop to read?

Wizbang Pop promises edge. And Wizbang Pop will continue to report with an edge. But, the new changes(and not for the best) at Google aren’t a welcome change here. To many Google users, the new changes are just one big lump of coal for Christmas.