Breaking News: Portland, Oregon’s Clackamas Town Center Mall has become the crime scene for a deadly shooting as a gunman dressed in body armor using an assault rifle opened fire on a crowd at the food court area, killing at least two and wounding at least one before his gun apparently either jammed or he ran out of bullets and he ran into a nearby Macy’s department store. The shooter was also declared dead, however at this early stage it is not known whether this was by a self-inflicted gunshot or by police fire.

At this early stage, if there are more injured, wounded or dead is not known, as this news story is just fresh. One mall Santa claimed that he heard around 15 shots fired, while witnesses claimed as few as six or seven shots. With the busy Christmas season, malls tend like the Clackamas Town Center are more busy this time of year.

A police news conference later tonight should help to clarify details of this latest terrible crime involving an assault weapon.