What a great movie this turned out to be! It really exceeded my expectations here as a great special effects thrill ride from producer Steven Spielberg. Will Smith’s Agent J character must go back in time to aid young Agent K to kill the terrible space villain, Boris The Animal, expertly played by actor Jemaine Clement. The elder Agent K is of course played by Tommy Lee Jones, while Josh Brolin expertly channels all of Jone’s mannerisms to play young Agent K as a 29 year old in 1969, where the Moon launch becomes the backdrop for a dramatic fight to the death between Agent K and Boris the Animal.

The movie incorporates a skillfully chosen soundtrack of old psychedelic hit songs as well as old automobiles and fashions to construct a very realistic 1969 world. And Boris The Animal rides a major league badass chopper motorcycle, looking much like a tough ass biker dude in this world. After losing his arm in the fight in 1969, Boris The Animal was sent to a prison on the Moon because he was such a dangerous entity. But, he escapes and would bring complete destruction on the Earth after his escape 40 years later unless Agent K can kill him to prevent this all from happening. What ensues is a wonderful fantasy and science fiction special effects funfest here.

The Bottom Line: What a joy this film is. Great entertainment that might best be enjoyed with the 3D Bluray edition, but certainly a major league thrill ride even with the 2D DVD version. ***(A good solid three stars, good). Steven Spielberg does it again, making going to the movies both fun and fantastic, only cementing his reputation as one of the best filmmakers of all time. Bravo!