Former governor and now U.S. Senator, Joe Manchin, is outraged at a new reality show about young folks in his native West Virginia, BUCKWILD, that is set to debut soon over at MTV. He feels that the new show re-enforces some incorrect and negative stereotypes about his state with the young people involved in low brow activity such as fighting, swearing, fart lighting, gun shooting and drinking. In another example, they fill a dump truck with water and swim in it. The senator is urging the network not to air the program that makes some young people in his home state look like THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, minus the oil money.

Well, sorry senator. I guess some folks have some strange stereotypes about your state including that wearing shoes may be the latest technology to hit the state in recent years. I doubt your concerns are going to be enough for MTV to prevent kids from your home state becoming the latest White trash TV stars on the network once known for actually airing programs about music and not just reality TV trash like JERSEY SHORE.

BTW, senator. Your name spells mansion wrong. Just saying….

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