Shock jock radio phone pranks have been legendary for years in the United States, but when two Australian radio hosts tried the same thing with a funny call to the hospital that the Duchess Of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was recovering at from severe morning sickness symptoms, the joke apparently turned tragic after the nurse that took the phone call later took her own life. This seemed like such an overreaction from this nurse at what appeared to be a hilarious radio stunt. Even popular TV hosts like David Letterman once made many funny phone calls from his TV show. It’s a good question why the cultural differences from the U.S. to Europe made so much difference in the reaction there.

The stunt was certainly juvenile. Radio phone pranks always are, if not of some questionable legality as well. But, even Prince Charles seemed to think that the radio prank was a little bit funny according to one response he gave reporters. Australian radio hosts Mel Greig and Michael Christian mutually agreed to stay off the air for an unspecified period of time in response to the worldwide outrage after their radio stunt went bad. But, some are looking at legal options against the pair of radio hosts and their parent station. But, that all seems very excessive for what was just a bit of comedy that somehow went wrong.

The nurses reaction to the joke was very excessive. She should have laughed the joke off as well. She took things way too seriously.