Wiska is a popular Ukrainian adult film star in her early 30’s. But, now this adult entertainer is seeking political asylum after local Ukrainian welfare authorities have threatened to take away her children solely because of her choice of profession. She wanted political asylum in the Czech Republic, however that nation has given her just 15 days to leave because of it’s own tough immigration laws.

Wiska’s real name is Anastasia Grishay. In 2004 she started doing nude magazine shoots in the former Soviet Republic, but then moved on to doing adult films in her native country, with at least 78 credits so far. And while she is a popular actress among Ukrainian customers for adult films, her problems with the local welfare authorities have made her an outcast in her own land.

Grishay fell into this adult work after she was poor and a single mom who needed money to feed her young son, but now has three children which her adult work income was supporting until her recent problems with the local welfare authorities.

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