Nice Sweater Puppies, Nice Sweater Puppies….

Although, the really tight sweater look seemed to start going out of style in the 1950’s along with the big tailfins on automobiles, it seems that America has never really lost it’s sincere appreciation for nice sweater puppies. Whether these nice sweater puppies are on a popular cult star like a Marilyn Monroe, or a Dolly Parton, or even some girl from Score Magazine, or an aspiring adult model, America just can’t seem to get enough of this timeless sweater puppy look.

Psychologically speaking, it might just be that men still long for the warmth and comfort of their mothers, and a nice warm set of perfect breasts encased in a tight sweater might just give men that same level of comfort that they felt as a baby. That all is at peace with the world.

Well, it’s a cold day outside. Grab yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate and sit by the fireplace and enjoy the warmth and comfort of nice sweater puppies to make you feel all warm and content inside, just like when you were a baby….

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