Today, Buckingham Palace has confirmed what celebrity writers and scandal sheets have been claiming for the past few weeks, that Kate Middleton is indeed pregnant. So far no word on whether it will be a son or a daughter. But, the cat got out of the bag today when the Duchess Of Cambridge had to be admitted to King Edward VII Hospital in central London with extreme morning sickness symptoms.

During their recent tour of Asia, Kate turned down wine during a meal, preferring water instead, which only helped to further fuel speculation that Kate and Prince William were indeed expecting a child. Prince William also had recently voiced publicly that he wanted children as well.

STAR and some other sources were condemned by some for showing off some photos that claimed to show a slight “baby bump” on the Duchess, as many dismissed this as mere photoshop trickery. However, it now appears that all those rumors are true, however whether those photos were enhanced or not still remains a mystery.

So there you have it. This will be the big celebrity news for the next year now on both sides of the ocean. Royal watchers will also be glad to have some good news about this family after so many stories of scandal or nude photo leaks.