They’re Still Counting Election Ballots!

According to Wikipedia, the only major website still offering daily election ballot counting updates long after all other major Websites have quit counting, 23 states still have yet to release their final 2012 presidential election vote count figures. This is from a nation that wants to see democracy spread all around the world and also has extensive use of millions of computers as well as sophisticated vote counting machines where election workers only need to drop ballots in, see what the result are, then repeat it one more time to see if the result is the same. But, despite all of the marvels of modern technology, the vote counting is still about as slow as it was back in the 1800’s

There’s really no drama about who won this election. The president was re-elected with 65,258278 votes counted so far, or 50.92% of the total vote counted so far. Mr. Romney got 60,658,920 votes or 47.37, or only marginally better than what John McCain did four years ago. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson did better than Ralph Nader did as a third party candidate, garnering just under 1% of the vote, or 1,268,869 votes counted so far. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, got 463,794 votes counted so far, for .36% of the vote. Roseanne Barr, running on the leftist Peace And Freedom Party ticket with antiwar mom, Cindy Sheehan, got 66,541 votes. Others split the rest of the vote. With 128,159,933 votes counted so far, the vote total is running a little behind the 131 million votes cast in 2008. But Hurricane Sandy, voter disgust with the candidates, less enthusiasm for the major candidates, all probably contributed to the slightly lower figures. Voting was actually extended until Nov 9 in New Jersey because of all the storm damage where voters could even vote by Email if they wanted.

In the end, the election wasn’t quite as close as some polls had predicted, with the president winning an electoral vote landslide, and doing slightly better in the closer popular vote than some polls had predicted, winning the election with a margin of about 4.6 million votes. Some pollsters had predicted that Romney would win the popular vote, but would likely lose the electoral vote. Some states like Colorado, Virginia and Florida were essential to any Romney key to win, but he fell short in all of those states. Romney only managed to pry away Indiana and North Carolina from the president’s winning states column from 2008, well short of what he needed to do to win the election. Further, Romney failed to win his home states of both Michigan and Massachusetts, while his vice presidential pick was unable to deliver his home state of Wisconsin as well. In every recent election, the Republican Party knows how well organized the Democratic Party get-out-the-vote effort is, yet failed to match this same effort in both 2008 and 2012. Big donors to the Romney Campaign lamented that his campaign was about as well managed as some student project at some community college. In the end, this lack of organization as well as the voter mood which was more upbeat about the president’s role responding to Hurricane Sandy in the closing hours helped to spell the difference here.

Now, all that remains is for these 23 states to finish their vote counting and for the electors to make things official later this month.

In a great show of mutual respect and for the good of the country, both the president and Mitt Romney had lunch at the White House this week. It was a wonderful moment for our country which now needs to move on and get about the business of making this country work and run well.

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