As if this week’s Angus T. Jones story wasn’t weird enough, now the new buzz is that the embattled young star of TWO AND A HALF MEN is supposedly dating “Stalker Sarah”, the kooky and offbeat 17 year old superfan who has photos taken with over 5,000 celebrities. It also turns out that Angus T. Jones and “Stalker Sarah” are both members of the same Seven Day Adventist Church in Toluca Lake, California of all things.

At a recent Advents prophecy conference, the 19 year old actor claimed that he only lightly experimented with drugs, but never drank alcohol or engaged in premarital sex. But, his comments condemning the show as “filthy” estranged his relations with the show’s producers this past week, who didn’t want a new controversy after having to deal with that Charlie Sheen mess in the past. Charlie Sheen recently threw in his two cents here as well, calling the hit show, “cursed” after the controversial Angus T. Jones comments.

It’s highly likely that with all of the new controversy surrounding Jones that this may well be his last season on the show. If that’s so, then he’ll probably regret giving up his $350,000 a week salary, which seems like too good of a deal for the actor who often just phones in his role in many episodes.