An Oregon car dealer has gotten a wave of a public backlash for supposedly using his 20 year old daughter in a sexually suggestive Ebay ad that helped to sell an old Datsun Z car for $7,500 bucks on Ebay. $7,500 bucks for any Z car is a staggering price!

The photos feature the girl leaning over the car in sexually suggestive poses, and in at least some photos, she takes off her pants and appears in boots, t shirt and thong panties.

Well, it turns out to just be a hoax. This 20 year old model is actually a family friend who agreed to do the sexy photos just to attract a little attention. And guess what, it worked! Getting someone to pay $7,500 for a Z car is the greatest miracle since some famous guy was able to turn ordinary water into wine.

The ad got a few interesting responses such as one guy who was interested in a test drive, and who’d like to see the car also. Or another guy who wondered if the “porn star” came with the car.

But, I think this guy is a real saint in my book. What a great outrageous ad! Sexy and funny as Hell! It sold the car, didn’t it? Hey, guys are visual. They like to look at sexy automobiles, motorcycles and girls, and not always necessarily in that exact order, either!