Troubled former star of THAT 70’s SHOW, Lisa Robin Kelly, has been arrested for the second time time this year. Kelly, who is now 42, was charged in connection with assault on her 61 year old husband in a domestic abuse incident. Back in March, Kelly was arrested on a similar charge of domestic abuse of a spouse, but claimed that the victim actually injured himself in a Facebook posting, to falsely defame her for abuse. Charges were later dropped in that case. However, in this latest case, Kelly is apparently still being held in jail according to the latest news sources. In 2010, the actress was arrested for DUI in North Carolina.

Kelly played the slutty sister of actor Topher Grace in the popular sit-com which rated as one of the biggest hits for the FOX network of all time. Besides Topher Grace having a strong career after this show, actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have also been breakout stars from this show as well.

Although alcohol and drugs weren’t considered to be a factor in her latest arrest for domestic violence, the actress still looked like a complete mess in some mugshot photos that are being circulated by a number of Websites today. Her appearance is simply shocking compared to her youthful appearance on THAT 70’s SHOW.

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