An Irish couple vacationing in Dubai have been sentenced to three months in jail after the woman took off her panties and sat on her man’s lap with his pants down to his knees, although evidence proved that no intercourse had taken place. But, both Rebecca Blake of the UK and Connor McRedmond had a little naughty fun in the taxi after 10 hours of drinking, and just being that naughty got the couple three months in the slammer in religious Dubai. But, just think how much worse it would have been if McRedmond actually put his instrumentation into Blake’s ventilation(that’s technical language to describe “doing the deed”, folks).

Dubai is so religiously conservative that a tourist couple just mouth kissing on the street were sentenced to one month in jail in this bullshit Muslim playground for tourists.

Well, I’m not visiting Dubai any time real soon myself. I’d be a hardcore felon in that country for some of the public fun my girlfriend and I’ve had before. But, I won’t describe all of the in and outs of that here.