The next wave industrial revolution for the United States and the Western economies will be led by 3D printers. This technology is quickly coming down in price, where one small Manhattan based company is working on a new version of the 3D printers that only sells for around $1300, compared to nearly $100,000 for most industrial versions of the units that can replicate or produce hard copies of products to dramatically cut production time for new products from up to 20 months to just a few hours. Even Jay Leno has a smaller version 3D printer in his garage to copy obsolete or unobtainable parts and to quickly be able to produce a copy part compared to the old fashioned mold and model process. In manufacturing, this means that a design can quickly move from just idea to software process to actual 3D model in a very short period of time, meaning that the U.S. could quickly become the most powerful manufacturing force in the world again within the next few years, as the Chinese economic model for offering cheap labor to lure away American jobs becomes obsolete.

3D printers are becoming more advanced where they can work with many materials beyond just plastic these days. Some new style 3D printers are able to produce items from glass, metal or other strong materials. In medical science this means a revolution where stronger than real replacement bones can be created from advanced materials to replace joints or other damaged and worn human body components. In one case, 3D printing was able to produce an entire jaw for a patient in his early 80’s to replace his worn-out natural one. These new style 3D printers are becoming more close to the STAR TREK “replicators” than science fiction could have ever imagined. In fact, science fiction if anything has only inspired great scientists to begin the work to produce the future that 3D printers will provide in revolutionary changes to how goods are manufactured.

One French company is quickly gaining footing in the new world of 3D printers and CAD technology. Dassault Systemes has shown exponential growth in this new area of technology, and sales over $2.5 billion dollars, yet is not even a Wall Street listed stock as of yet, although your very best investors such as David Gardner of Motley Fool have certainly taken notice of this company, where Gardner’s investment picks have proven awesome growth compared to nearly any other investment firm.

3D printing will also allow mainstream retail companies to quickly produce custom made items for customers within minutes, where a product like even a pair of sunglasses can be produced in minutes using computer software for a perfect look and fit. Shoes and other products could be produced that will fit each individual foot like a glove, compared to this haphazard method of buying one pair of shoes that goes through a long manufacturing line and doesn’t even fit each foot as perfectly as it should.

Automobile manufacturing could be greatly streamlined from the long process it now takes with 3D printing. Indeed, some companies like Volvo are now reducing their design to manufacturing process by up to 70%, or many months.

3D printing not only holds great promise to lead the next American industrial revolution and bring great growth and prosperity to the American economy, but it also holds great potential for investors to make themselves wealthy beyond imagination by investment in the companies that will lead this new economic and manufacturing revolution.

The advent of small $1300 3D printers to make virtually anyone able to open up a manufacturing business means that small business will see a great piece of this action as well. And software to produce products will only become easier to command as well, where manufacturing products may soon not be all that much harder than using your home PC or laptop. Everyone from the military to your local business will see this economic revolution improve their business and lives as products become cheaper and very easy to produce. The quality and precision of products will greatly increase as well. Rolls Royce uses 3D printing to aid in their very precise manufacturing process, making parts far more exact in design, fit and finish than most other traditional car-makers, using old style development technology.

It wasn’t that many years ago that the heads of IBM saw no future for home computers. But, now manufacturing will be even be able to come down to a home business level with the advent of your low priced 3D printers, making everyone and his brother able to quickly custom produce goods at very low prices and set up shop.

To say that 3D printing will revolutionize American business is a gross understatement. 3D printing will completely change the future.