The Irving, Texas based bakery company that makes those famous, but often ridiculed snack, Twinkies, is now asking for court permission to liquidate their assets after workers went on strike to oppose deep salary cuts. The company had hoped to secure enough funding and worker concessions to survive bankruptcy intact as a company, however only smaller loans and a lack of worker wage concessions finally put the company on death row as a brand.

Hostess suffered through a crippling worker strike this week in response to their request for deep salary cuts by workers, and just did not have enough workers cross the picket lines to maintain production orders and had to permanently close three production sites. Now, the entire company will face liquidation if a bankruptcy judge grants this request as the company struggled with massive debt and a declining market of consumers who balked with unfair suggestions that the company only produced products that weren’t really health conscious.

Hostess snacks were once a staple in many to most home lunches brought to work and school. But, as some Americans started to become overweight, products like Hostess snacks and sodas became easy targets for health critics to attack, although important issues like lack of activity probably more account for America’s problems with many being overweight than anything. Many kids simply play outside far less these days, partly because of safety concerns, partly because of inside activity such as computers and video games. This lack of play compared to the 1950’s and 60’s probably more accounts for health problems in children these days than any one snack that can be blamed by some critics.

Hostess snacks were a novel idea at one time. Small batches of pastry that you can take with you for lunch. For decades, these snacks were loved by the public. But, as the jokes and public health attacks mounted, the products began a decline among the consumer public. Hostess was probably unfairly attacked here. A victim of some health watchdogs picking on an easy target when lack of play among many kids these days was always the real culprit. Kids just don’t play “army” or “cowboys and Indians” outside all day long like they used to. A war weary public turned against war toys during the Vietnam War, where it was hard for kids to even find toy guns for a time. And playing “cowboys and Indians” got branded with a racist tag, so many kids just started to play inside and their health issues only worsened. Hostess got the unfair blame for kids getting fat, when kids just not getting outside like they once used to should really should be looked at to blame. It hardly matters how healthy you eat, if you don’t ever get off the couch to burn off those calories.

Hostess snacks always tasted good. Some companies like Safeway package larger boxes of snacks very similar to Hostess snacks, so something very similar to Twinkies may still survive for a while. But, I miss those old spice cakes that Hostess once sold. Man, that was fine dining right there.