CBS is finally canceling their mostly awful comedy, PARTNERS, a show from the same producers as WILL & GRACE, but with infinitely less appeal than that show. PARTNERS did manage a few fleeting moments of great laughs, with about one or two good moments per show. But, the show was mostly a very weak entry on the very strong Monday night comedy schedule, and much like an empty hole on a normally excellent evening of fine programing.

The show was supposed to be a loosely based comedy styled after the two producers of the show, one is gay, the other straight, but it had none of the magic of WILL & GRACE. Compared to the other shows on the CBS Monday night schedule, it seemed barely watchable for the first few weeks, but finally started to fall into a bit of a groove toward it’s final episode #7 before cancellation.

I won’t really miss this show much. Reruns of TWO AND HALF MEN will seem like sheer joy compared to this generally not good entry.

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