Who Is Josie Deville?

Josie Deville was an interesting occasional young model and adult film actress who has had a remarkably small career, yet quickly become a cult figure of sorts with some fan sites starting to pop up on the Internet with virtually nothing known about this personality. It’s a very strange phenomenon for this actress who has only had just one known nude solo men’s magazine photo layout later followed by two short hardcore featurettes and one hardcore men’s magazine layout featuring stills from her film. That’s a tiny volume of work from someone who was starting to prove great popularity as a cult figure.

About all that’s known about Josie Deville is that she’s 5ft. 6in, only 108lbs., with a very slender figure and small breasts, and that she has a unique beauty about her. She’s from Tampa, Florida according to one biography.

So who is this mysterious figure? Is she a college student? There are some stories that she’s actually a singer in a Tampa Bay, Florida area alternative rock band. Regardless, she’s a mysterious figure who emerged for a short time on the adult entertainment scene in 2011, then seemed to suddenly disappear and move on to other things all that quick. But, she remains greatly admired by a cult of fans who love the mysterious disappearing adult model and actress.

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