Ray Manzarek, the legendary keyboardist for The Doors is back with a curious new cd, where he backs up beat poet Michael McClure in a live San Francisco performance. The new album has a strange mix of a low key coffee house performance along with a slightly Doors feel about it. You just wish that Michael McClure could only sing his poetry like Jim Morrison here. But, the album has a definite blow-back to the old beatnik coffee house days of poetry. It’s a very strange new Ray Manzarek project, where you can hear a little of the old Doors in Manzarek’s piano work, only accompanied by a flute.

RAY MANZAREK AND MICHAEL MCCLURE/THE PIANO POEMS is available now on OGLIO Records. It’s not the beginning of the return of The Doors by any standard of measurement, But, the cd has some interest because of Manzarek’s piano work here. He’s a legend in the music world, and not nearly heard from enough it seems. At 73 years of age, you just hope that Ray Manzarek has many more good albums in him. He’s always a real joy to listen to. He’s a great musician.

On November 14, Ray Manzarek and Michael McClure join with some other musicians for a Sweetwater Music Hall live performance show in Mill City, California. You can buy your tickets Online at the Michael McClure & Ray Manzarek Website if you happen to be in that area around that time and see music legend Ray Manzarek back in concert. But, don’t expect to see “Light My Fire” or other Doors’ classics. This is strictly Michael McClure’s gig, but with some fine musicians like Ray Manzarek in supporting roles.