Rosie Jones, the mega-popular English glamour model has just shot a brand new topless photo feature for the UK lad magazine, NUTS. And, here’s some photo outtakes from that shoot that are being run over at Egotastic. In 2009, Jones set a Guinness World Record by being able to put on and remove seven bras in just one minute! Wow! Well, thank God that important records like this are recorded for history sake is all that I can say!

The 22 year old model is brainy as well as breasty. In her Catholic education she earned four A levels as well as AS degrees in psychology, critical thinking, general studies, theater studies as well as media studies.

In 2010, Rosie Jones broke the charts over at the NUTS vote for the sexiest model at over 1 million votes. Over in the UK, lad magazines like NUTS aren’t considered to be age restricted material like adult material, so school boys of all ages are likely drolling all over the new November 2012 Rosie Jones photo shoot. Bare breasts are just more acceptable over there than the more puritanical states. This popular pinup queen has warmed plenty of young guys hearts and other places in the last couple of years!

Well, see, imports aren’t all bad. And this UK import is really quite the babe!

BTW, NUTS is a funny name for a magazine. I bet more than a few guys now want to make like a squirrel and grab some nuts right about now.