Gary Dourdan was a very popular member of the original cast of CSI until season nine when CBS and Dourdan couldn’t agree on a contract, and the star’s character was killed off. But, that’s also when the financial wheels started to fall off the stars life as his income started to decline and issues like an existing mortgage began to catch up with popular TV actor. Now, this star has been forced to declare bankruptcy. Although he has a $14,881 average monthly income, largely from royalties from his years over at CSI from DVDs and reruns, he only has just an average of $321 a month left after all his expenses.

Dourdan apparently owes his creditors, largely banks, a whopping $1.73 million dollars. He claims to only have $200 cash on him, and just another $3,000 in the bank, with various other small assets like a few books, a watch, clothes and a 2006 Dodge Charger only worth about $6000.

The star’s biggest hope is to land some new acting gigs in the future. But, after CSI, things slowed considerably for the popular actor who was a real fan favorite on CSI for eight seasons, who apparently mis-anticipated what CBS was willing to pay the star for his work, setting himself up for a career free-fall.