Jason Sudeikis has been at the center of rumors of wanting to exit SNL. Now, with Mitt Romney’s loss, it is more likely than not that the funny impressionist will exit the show sometime in 2013. Sudeikis managed one more hilarious Mitt Romney skit to open SNL this weekend, with Sudeikis hitting the milk real hard as Romney. It was a great skit. But, perhaps more like one last good lap around the track. If Romney would have won, the producers of SNL would have likely begged Sudeikis to stay on bended knee. But, like many former SNL legends, Sudeikis would likely go into film roles, where he’s already made some mark. Probably, no begging will stop that now. But, whether Sudeikis quits the show in mid-season or sticks around to the end of this season is up in the air right now. But, mostly certainly, by the end of this season at most, he likely moves on to his film career, and SNL only loses another great talent.

Part of what made Jason Sudeikis’ Romney so lovable was that hint of a goofy smile while doing the character. It was a great lampoon of the politician.

Well, good luck to you, Jason. It was great fun while it lasted on SNL. We’ll miss you whenever you decide to call it quits and move on.

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