The last RESIDENT EVIL film was an animated feature, so why not STARSHIP TROOPERS as well. And, much like the RESIDENT EVIL animated experiment, STARSHIP TROOPERS INVASION is a disappointing addition to the series, not really up to the level of even the horrid live action sequel to the original STARSHIP TROOPERS film. The sequel to the original live action film only cost about 5% as much as the original film, and certainly proved it in the execution of the film. And this new animated addition to the STARSHIP TROOPERS franchise seems to fall quickly into the story in a haphazardly manner, lacking all of the cleverness of the newsreel footage of the original live action film. Further, the film certainly has a video-game look to it, except that the viewer can’t play along, and has to helplessly watch as the game is played out for you, not really taking you where you want to go.

The CGI animation did allow the producers some artistic freedom to include some nudity and bad language, not really making this a morning cartoons version of animation, more adult in nature, much like the first live action STARSHIP TROOPERS. But, the animated feature attempts to bring back some old characters such as Johnny Rico, for example. That part is sort of nice.

Fans of the franchise like me had to see this film. But, that’s not to say that I didn’t expect much better than this animated film that has a quickie-made look about it.

The Bottom Line: I’ve certainly seen much better in this series than this. **(Two Stars, Fair. OK for a single viewing. But, no great classic here, compared to the original live action film).